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Title: opening up formating modules
Post by: sean_kelly on February 20, 2009, 04:07:53 pm
Hi All,

has the SlickEdit team considered opening up the formatting modules for user customization - This appears to be the tack FDT has taken.  We could also fix bugs like the recent ones I have uncovered w/r to the actionscript formatting.


Title: Re: opening up formating modules
Post by: Ryan on February 23, 2009, 05:14:22 pm
Hi Sean,

I understand the desire for this...I'll have to start a discussion with some other people here and see what we think we can do, if anything.  Certainly anything that is contained in macro code can be modified by the user...though it is usually not written with that purpose in it's often not very easy.  You also run the risk of having your changes invalidated when the next major upgrade arrives.  We usually advocate extensions to macro functionality so as to keep your changes external to the shipped SlickEdit macro code.

The problem with a lot of the formatting code (including the beautifiers), is that the real work is done in C code and therefore is contained in dlls.  I know that Eclipse people like to have everything available to them, but SlickEdit Core isn't just a Java plug-in...there's a lot of code in native libraries.

- Ryan