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Title: SlickEdit Hotfix
Post by: Mike on December 17, 2010, 08:05:30 pm
Hot fixes for the latest releases can be found here:
Title: Re: SlickEdit Hotfix
Post by: Mike on July 30, 2018, 03:34:44 pm
(FYI: The SlickEdit 2018/v23 beta is available to registered users on their registered products page:
See also:,16215.0.html

There is a new hotfix for SlickEdit 2017 (v22.0.2), available here:

Latest revision updates:

• c.e -- C++ indenting fix when pressing Enter with cursor on Open Brace of function argument.
• ccontext.e csymbols.e syscpp.h -- Update C/C++ predefined preprocessing on Windows for Visual Studio 2017. Work around issue completing std::vector> Make slight improvement to context tagging performance for C++11 iterators.
• debugpkg.e -- Fix for Breakpoint Properties menu item always disabled in Breakpoints tool window.
• tbopen.e mprompt.e -- Fix for Breakpoint Properties menu item always disabled in Breakpoints tool window.
• csymbols.e -- Fix bug handling context tagging with a reference to a class inside a namespace with the same name.
• docsearch.e -- Fix Mini-Find not honoring when executing Set Multiple Cursors.
• tagform.e -- Fix bug managing bookkeeping of compiler configuration tag files in Tools > Tag Files... dialog which could result in adding tag files creating multiple categories for the same language.
• compile.e -- Unix only: Try to restore focus to edit window when a build command prompts for input with %(prompt ...)
• slickc.e -- Fix for dead semicolon key in Slick-C files when "Insert begin/end immediately" is disabled.
• mouse.e -- Fix Selective Display issues when expanding level (+) after mouse scroll when using Expand on single click option.
• cvs.e -- Fix for directory sort issue with Compare Directory with version control feature.
• search.e ex.e -- Fix for VIM search next incorrectly using multi-file find next.

Previous revision updates:

• stdcmds.e -- Fix OnUpdate for update-doc-comment so we don't enable the command for languages that don't support it.
• se/color/SymbolColorAnalyzer.e -- Fix to give a slightly higher priority to symbols found within class definitions for symbol coloring, so that public/private/protected/inline/static/virtual properties are recognized correctly. Otherwise, it is possible that symbol coloring will find a symbol definition within the current file which does not have those properties explicitly stated (as in C++) and symbol coloring will select a color for the symbol not factoring in those attributes.
• tbfind.e -- Fix for Find and Replace tool window to refresh Look in: drop-down to allow Current Selection to be added when new selection is available.
• proctree.e -- Fix bug where Defs tool window would be blank for languages that do not support Statement Tagging if "Show Statements" was turned on in the Defs tool window.
• debug.e -- Fix for setting breakpoint on Windows in Rust source file. Allows use of WinDBG to debug Rust
• taggui.e -- Fix for occasional error where the Select Symbol dialog will fail to jump to symbol and produces an error message "Can not jump to symbol 'xxx': No file name!"
• stdprocs.e -- Fix dialog history not deleted in drop-downs on Delete key.
• ccontext.e -- Fix C++ constructor initializer list auto-complete and symbol coloring for C++11 delegating constructors and parent class constructors.
• ccode.e -- Fix for issue where when more than one color coding profile is viewed, the options dialog thinks there was a change.
• lua.e -- Fix Slick-C stack on Enter/Indent in Lua mode with Lua long strings.
• tbfind.e -- Fix for Find and Replace tool window to refresh Look in: drop-down to allow Current Selection to be added when new selection is available.
• googlego.e -- Fix environment setup for building and running Google Go.
• spell.e -- Fix for spell checking Slick-C stack. Could occur when there is a selection and invoke a spell checking command with a scope which isn't the selection (like spell-check-source command).
• pascal.e -- Fix handling of Ada array references by context tagging.
• keybindings.e -- Fix Keybindings issue where mouse events LBUTTON_UP, RBUTTON_UP, MBUTTON_UP, BACK_BUTTON_UP, and FORWARD_BUTTON_UP are unable to be bound to commands.
• docsearch.e -- Fix Mini-Find issue deselecting text when highlighting modified buffers.
• diff.e -- Fix problem where if source diff fails, file 2 is still locked in read only mode.
• optionsxml.e -- Update import-options and export-options commands to take a file name and support importing and exporting options without prompting.
• box.e -- When Comment Line Left setting ends with space, have Uncomment Lines remove space.
• vc.e -- Fix issue where adding a file to a project did not always prompt to add the file to a project.
• files.e -- Move the new "Never Reload Selected" button to the right, so the Diff button can still be seen.
• c.e -- Fix for semicolon problems when the "insert braces automatically" auto complete setting was turned off.
• slickc.e -- Fix Slick-C tag file generation to exclude Slick-C examples under plugin:// directory.
• historydiff.e -- Fix problem that kept copy buttons from appearing if you use history diff on the local file instead of comparing subsquent versions.
• ada.e -- Fix so pressing ENTER on package line in Ada splits line in the right cases.
• files.e -- Add a "Never Reload Selected" button on the auto reload form.