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Title: SlickEdit Hotfix
Post by: Mike on December 17, 2010, 08:05:30 pm
Hotfixes for the latest releases can be found here:

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Title: Re: SlickEdit Hotfix
Post by: Mike on April 24, 2019, 01:40:18 pm
HOTFIX REVISION 3 HAD A BUG, so if you downloaded it during the short period of time it was published, please execute 'unload-hotfix' on the SlickEdit command line to remove cumulative hotfix R3, before loading this one.


There is a new hotfix for SlickEdit 2018 (v23.0.1), available here:

Hotfix revision 4 latest updates:

• msqbas.e -- Fix indent bug for the "END SUB" of a "SUB" definition in Visual Basic.
• error.e -- Added def_next_error_try_ext_list macro variable which can contain a space-delimited list of extensions to try if the error file has no extension and is not found.
• jrefactor.e -- Fix bug where first auto-added import statement in Java would be placed at the end of the file instead of after the package statement.
• tbopen.e -- Fix icon sizing issue in Open File tool window.
• tags.e -- When you do a find-tag from the command line, and specify a tag type or tag class name, the results return should be restricted to that type/class.
• docsearch.e -- Fix issues with Replace Preserve Case option with incremental search and restoring state.
• tbfind.e -- Fix initialization issues when using Incremental search option in Tool Find window.
• tagrefs.e tagwin.e -- Fix flickering issue when navigating between references in different files in the References tool window.
• se/ui/toolwindow.e se/ui/twevent.e se/ui/twprops.e -- Implement and enable "Close button affects active tab only" option for tool-windows.
• diff.e -- Be sure to turn line numbers on in copied buffers if necessary.

Previous updates:

• cjava.e context.e csymbols.e cutil.e stdcmds.e -- Numerous improvements to handling of C++ STL, specifically focused on handling of std::map<> with Visual Studio 2015 and 2017 libraries as well as the latest Clang on macOS.
• actionscript.e addons.e antlr.e c.e caddmem.e cfcthelp.e cidexpr.e cjava.e csymbols.e cutil.e javascript.e jrefactor.e lua.e objc.e perl.e pl1.e properties.e python.e refactor.e ruby.e rul.e rust.e slickc.e systemverilog.e vera.e verilog.e xml.e -- Introduce new module "cidexpr.e" in order to cut down code size of "csymbols.e", allowing more development of STL support.
• jrefactor.e -- Fix bug in "Add Import Statement" for Slick-C where it would insert a #include rather than a #import.
• main.e svcautodetect.e sysobjs.e vc.e -- Add on/off switch for automatic version control detection of Git and Subversion.
• cbrowser.e tags.e -- Fix bug in Derived Classes tool window tree expansion. Also, fix similar bug in Base Classes tool window, and improve accuracy of both windows.
• diff.e -- Fix for "File '' not found" when running vsdiff executable with no arguments.
• context.e debugpkg.e tags.e -- Fix bug where we would not show the evaluated return type for type-inferred local variables which were declared in a C++11 style foreach statement.
• tbfind.e -- Fix issue with Find tool window, prompts for wrap with List all occurrences enabled.
• cfcthelp.e codehelputil.e context.e csymbols.e quickrefactgor.e stdprocs.e -- Add support for template function argument type inference for C++ context tagging.
• mfsearch.e ptoolbar.e -- Fix Find in Files reporting String not found on the status line while searching files.
• pascal.e -- Fix for stack when doing completion on signals in VHDL.
• diff.e -- Fix for issue where diffs are not detected when using files with classic Mac line endings.
• proctree.e -- Fix bug handling tree expand levels in the Defs tool window per-file.
• ccontext.e -- Fix case where references do not correctly handle prefix expression which has 'new' operator.
• error.e -- Avoid extra message box when a user cancels out from Find File dialog when doing a Next Error (next-error).
• mouse.e -- Add option (default on) to limit the amount we can scroll horizontally in order to not scroll past the right-most column of visible text. This limit is enforced when responding to side-scroll events from a mouse wheel or touchpad, preventing users from unintentional gestures scrolling their code out of view.
• se/search/SearchResults.e -- Fix for Search Results remaining hidden if selective display tree is closed before search completes.
• tbfind.e -- Fix Find/Replace tool window Match Color label not displaying correct color search option.