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Title: B3 made a right mess
Post by: dunkers on May 12, 2013, 01:23:20 pm
I installed B3 into a clean directory and, on running, hit that performance problem where it continuously paused for so long that Windows offered to kill it. I exited it and ran B2 (different program directory, same data directory) and that was running just as badly too! It had been more or less OK before.

Somewhere between trying B3 then B2 then B3 etc I had to terminate B3 with prejudice, and next time it came up the colour scheme was set to the default. Actually, I'm not sure what it was set to: just black text on white background. I re-enabled my symbol colouring (from the view menu) and that pretty much killed it dead. I also noticed that some config settings had been lost (like the size of the guttering in an edit window).

 I rebooted my PC in case that would help, but it didn't, so I uninstalled all the beta versions and cleared the data directory.

Next, I installed B3 afresh. On first run I was expecting it to suck the config from my V17 install, but it didn't and went for the default setup. Shouldn't it have copied my existing setup?

Anyway, during that default setup I just clicked through the wizard and found myself looking at 117 or something files being tagged. The tagging dialog says to click cancel to cancel, but the cancel button was greyed out. I clicked it all the same but, and you won't be surprised to learn this, it had no effect. I didn't want to kill the dialog wit the big red X on the assumption that the tagging would just move to the background, so I fired up Firefox to post this and after a while the tagging dialog closed. I presume the cancel button finally got enabled.

So, how do I get SE to import my V17 setup? Life's too short to go through each option manually...
Title: Re: B3 made a right mess
Post by: sndom on May 13, 2013, 09:10:05 am
I found that Beta 1 did bring over settings from v17, but both Beta 2 and Beta 3 lost some of them: emulation mode and some custom key bindings being most noticeable.
Title: Re: B3 made a right mess
Post by: dunkers on May 13, 2013, 09:30:31 am
It's useful to know it's not just me, thanks :)