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SlickEdit® / Re: Font rendering
« Last post by asandler on Today at 09:46:44 pm »
Forgot to mention. This is on Ubuntu Linux 18.04.2, latest version of SE.
SlickEdit® / Font rendering
« Last post by asandler on Today at 09:41:56 pm »
I am wondering what's the difference in the way fonts are rendered between SE and, say, Sublime Text? I tried a font called Fira Code in both. This particular font supports something called ligatures, which is a way to combine two characters into one. I.e. instead of drawing => two characters, it will merge them into one glyph. Sublime Text seems to support this while SE does not. Not that itself important, but it seems that fonts in ST seems slightly "nicer". Can't quite put my hand on what is exactly the difference. One obvious differences is that ST rounds corners of selection box while SE does not, but not sure if this is related to fonts.
SlickEdit® / Re: SE Java automatic import broken
« Last post by Dennis on Today at 04:06:40 pm »
Confirmed.  It will be in the next hot fix though.
SlickEdit® / Re: SE Java automatic import broken
« Last post by Marcel on Today at 01:44:07 pm »
Just missed the hotfix window, it seems.
SlickEdit® / Re: SlickEdit Hotfix
« Last post by Mike on March 25, 2019, 09:48:17 pm »
There is a new hotfix for SlickEdit 2018 (v23.0.1), available here:

Latest updates:

• cjava.e context.e csymbols.e cutil.e stdcmds.e -- Numerous improvements to handling of C++ STL, specifically focused on handling of std::map<> with Visual Studio 2015 and 2017 libraries as well as the latest Clang on macOS.
• actionscript.e addons.e antlr.e c.e caddmem.e cfcthelp.e cidexpr.e cjava.e csymbols.e cutil.e javascript.e jrefactor.e lua.e objc.e perl.e pl1.e properties.e python.e refactor.e ruby.e rul.e rust.e slickc.e systemverilog.e vera.e verilog.e xml.e -- Introduce new module "cidexpr.e" in order to cut down code size of "csymbols.e", allowing more development of STL support.
• jrefactor.e -- Fix bug in "Add Import Statement" for Slick-C where it would insert a #include rather than a #import.
• main.e svcautodetect.e sysobjs.e vc.e -- Add on/off switch for automatic version control detection of Git and Subversion.
• cbrowser.e tags.e -- Fix bug in Derived Classes tool window tree expansion. Also fix similar bug in Base Classes tool window, and improve accuracy of both windows.
• diff.e -- Fix for "File '' not found" when running vsdiff executable with no arguments.
• context.e debugpkg.e tags.e -- Fix bug where we would not show the evaluated return type for type-inferred local variables which were declared in a C++11 style foreach statement.
• tbfind.e -- Fix issue with Find tool window, prompts for wrap with List all occurences enabled.
• cfcthelp.e context.e csymbols.e quickrefactgor.e stdprocs.e -- Add support for template function argument type inference for C++ context tagging.
• mfsearch.e ptoolbar.e -- Fix Find in Files reporting String not found on status line while searching files.
• pascal.e -- Fix for stack when doing completion on signals in VHDL.
• diff.e -- Fix for issue where diffs are not detected when using files with classic Mac line endings.

Previous updates:

• proctree.e -- Fix bug handling tree expand levels in the Defs tool window per-file.
• ccontext.e -- Fix case where references does not correctly handle prefix expression which has 'new' operator.
• error.e -- Avoid extra message box when user cancels out from Find File dialog when doing a Next Error (next-error).
• mouse.e -- Add option (default on) to limit the amount we can scroll horizontally in order to not scroll past then right-most column of visible text. This limit is enforced when responding to side-scroll events from a mouse wheel or touchpad, preventing users from unintentional gestures scrolling their code out of view.
• se/search/SearchResults.e -- Fix for Search Results remaining hidden if selective display tree is closed before search completes.
• tbfind.e -- Fix Find/Replace tool window Match Color label not displaying correct color search option.
SlickEdit® / Re: Where to find old version 22 ?
« Last post by SlickEdit Support on March 25, 2019, 03:35:25 pm »
Alternatively, you can always download a copy of your SlickEdit installation files and license(s) from your My Account --> Registered Products section at
SlickEdit® / Re: Where to find old version 22 ?
« Last post by SlickEdit Support on March 25, 2019, 03:33:00 pm »
PM sent.

SlickEdit Support
SlickEdit® / Re: SE Java automatic import broken
« Last post by Dennis on March 25, 2019, 03:06:18 pm »
Thanks for the reminder.  This will be fixed in the next hot fix for 23.0.1.
SlickEdit® / Re: SE Search window line truncation redux
« Last post by Marcel on March 25, 2019, 02:28:53 pm »
My mistake.  I was running on this particular project.  After upgrading to, the problem disappeared.

Sorry for wasting your time and thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
SlickEdit® / Re: SE Search window line truncation redux
« Last post by Lee on March 25, 2019, 12:57:55 pm »
Setting both Maximum search result line length and Truncated search result width to 0 should effectively disable any truncation from occurring in  That was definitely an issue in initial 23.0.1 releases, but I am no longer able to reproduce that issue since.  Could you please confirm which release you are running and what options are set for Results in Find in Files?
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