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Hi there,
Attaching 2 screenshots of a php file opened in HTML mode.
One line statement starting with line comment <? // some php here ?> trigger some extra background coloring on the next lines. Workaround is to place the closing ?> on a new line.
It is a bug that is already on version 24 and still in 25.
Hope you can do something.

SlickEdit 2020 v25 Beta Discussion / xretrace hotfix won't load
« Last post by Graeme on Today at 06:00:36 am »
I'm posting here because I'm using the beta software.  I'm trying to bundle my xretrace macros as a hotfix but it's not working.  The first thing the hotfix does is run a batch macro to create a UserMacros/xretrace folder in the configuration folder.  The log reports that the batch macro xmake_config_dirs.e runs but no folders get created.  Can anyone tell me why?

Code: [Select]
#pragma option(pedantic,on)
#include ""
#import "main.e"
#import "stdprocs.e"

   configDir := _ConfigPath();
   userMacrosDir := configDir :+ "UserMacros";
   if (!isdirectory(userMacrosDir)) {
   xretraceDir := userMacrosDir :+ "xretrace";
   if (!isdirectory(xretraceDir)) {
   bitmapsDir := xretraceDir :+ "bitmaps";
   if (!isdirectory(bitmapsDir)) {

Applying hot fix: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\
Run batch program: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\\xmake_config_dirs.e
Replacing file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\xretrace_form.e
*** Could not copy to file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\xretrace_form.e -- Path not found
Replacing file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\xretrace_control_panel.e
*** Could not copy to file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\xretrace_control_panel.e -- Path not found
Replacing file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\DLinkList.e
*** Could not copy to file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\DLinkList.e -- Path not found
Replacing file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\xretrace_popup.e
*** Could not copy to file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\xretrace_popup.e -- Path not found
Replacing file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\xretrace_scrollbar.e
*** Could not copy to file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\xretrace_scrollbar.e -- Path not found
Replacing file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\xretrace.e
*** Could not copy to file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\xretrace.e -- Path not found
Replacing file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\xtemp-file-manager.e
*** Could not copy to file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\xtemp-file-manager.e -- Path not found
Replacing file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\xxutils.e
*** Could not copy to file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\xxutils.e -- Path not found
Replacing file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\xblock-selection-editor.e
*** Could not copy to file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\xblock-selection-editor.e -- Path not found
Replacing file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\xnotepad.e
*** Could not copy to file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\xnotepad.e -- Path not found
Replacing file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\xkeydefs.e
*** Could not copy to file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\xkeydefs.e -- Path not found
Replacing file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\xload-macros.e
*** Could not copy to file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\xload-macros.e -- Path not found
Replacing file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\bitmaps\_xretrcur.bmp
*** Could not copy to file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\bitmaps\_xretrcur.bmp -- Path not found
Replacing file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\bitmaps\_xretrinv.bmp
*** Could not copy to file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\bitmaps\_xretrinv.bmp -- Path not found
Replacing file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\bitmaps\_xretrmod.bmp
*** Could not copy to file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\bitmaps\_xretrmod.bmp -- Path not found
Replacing file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\bitmaps\_xretrdemod.bmp
*** Could not copy to file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\bitmaps\_xretrdemod.bmp -- Path not found
Replacing file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\bitmaps\_xretrinv.png
*** Could not copy to file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\bitmaps\_xretrinv.png -- Path not found
Replacing file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\bitmaps\_xretrmod.png
*** Could not copy to file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\bitmaps\_xretrmod.png -- Path not found
Replacing file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\bitmaps\_xretrcur.png
*** Could not copy to file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\bitmaps\_xretrcur.png -- Path not found
Replacing file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\bitmaps\_xretrdemod.png
*** Could not copy to file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\bitmaps\_xretrdemod.png -- Path not found
Replacing file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\bitmaps\_xretrace-scrollbar-image1.png
*** Could not copy to file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\bitmaps\_xretrace-scrollbar-image1.png -- Path not found
Replacing file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\bitmaps\_xretrace-scrollbar-markup-bookmark.bmp
*** Could not copy to file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\bitmaps\_xretrace-scrollbar-markup-bookmark.bmp -- Path not found
Replacing file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\bitmaps\_xretrace-scrollbar-markup-changed-bookmark.bmp
*** Could not copy to file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\bitmaps\_xretrace-scrollbar-markup-changed-bookmark.bmp -- Path not found
Replacing file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\bitmaps\_xretrace-scrollbar-markup-changed-line.bmp
*** Could not copy to file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\bitmaps\_xretrace-scrollbar-markup-changed-line.bmp -- Path not found
Replacing file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\bitmaps\_xretrace-scrollbar-markup-old-changed-line.bmp
*** Could not copy to file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\bitmaps\_xretrace-scrollbar-markup-old-changed-line.bmp -- Path not found
Replacing file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\bitmaps\_xretrace-scrollbar-markup-visited-line.bmp
*** Could not copy to file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\bitmaps\_xretrace-scrollbar-markup-visited-line.bmp -- Path not found
Replacing file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\bitmaps\_xretrace-scrollbar-markup-white.bmp
*** Could not copy to file: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\25.0.0\UserMacros\xretrace\bitmaps\_xretrace-scrollbar-markup-white.bmp -- Path not found
Loading module: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\\xload-macros.e
Error loading module: C:\GP\slick-beta\test-hotfix\\xload-macros.e.  File not found
Run command: xload_macros_default_path_silent
Thank you for discovering the need for this feature and implementing it. It turns out that I rename files all the time, and because I go back and forth between git, kbuild/gcc, (both from the command line), and SlickEdit, there were actually a lot of steps. And now it's so easy! Woohoo! :)
This is the latest Arch Linux (updated every few days), with a KDE window manager (the "plasma" package group: ).

I'm not using a dark theme, it's a white background, a minor change from the stock "Eggshell" theme.

v24 did not ever exhibit this problem. Although to be fair, I've only been running KDE for about a month or so (before that it was xfce4). But still, within that month, it never happened. When I installed Slickedit v25, the problem occurred right away.

Is there some sort of configuration purge or cleansing I should have done? I just used export/import to move my options from v24 to v25.
SlickEdit® / Dropping brace
« Last post by dunkers on Today at 02:49:33 am »
Ha! Caught the thing. This is one of those issues where something strange occurs and I think I must've mis-typed or forgotten to type or something like that, but in fact SE has been changing things behind my back all the while. It's gone on for so long because I only find out when the compile fails, and that's some time after it's be written (or unwritten, as it happens).

Code: [Select]
if (this == that || that == this) {

I used to type this sort of thing with the braces inserted as I went along: ((this == that) || (that == this)). But the last one kept getting dropped and I assumed SE was being clever - I tended to add right to left, and not allowing such an unbalanced pair might be reasonable. Because of that, I now add them after completing the statement. So, let's add the braces left to right, one at a time:

Code: [Select]
if ((this == that) || (that == this) {

See the problem? that last brace isn't there. But I type it. Even adding them one at a time like this, SE take that last one out! Every damn time. So the compile fails, I go back and think I missed it, put it in, everything is good.

Why is it doing this? What config setting should I be looking at?
What version of Arch Linux are you running on? I may need to create a VM for this.

Are you using SlickEdit's Dark theme?

Does v24 (or the last version you were previously using) have the same issue on this machine?
SlickEdit 2020 v25 Beta Discussion / Re: Disabled views menu
« Last post by Dennis on Today at 01:44:50 am »
Fixed for beta3. 

BTW, new in v25, you can also now right click on the header of any docked tool window and when you select another tool window (which isn't already active), it will be docked with the tab group you clicked on.
Fixed for beta3.
I have a keyboard shortcut (F8) tied to activate-find-symbol, so I use F8.
When it comes up, it is as a floating window.
This is on Arch Linux, with a KDE window manager. Updated: details: on Arch, KDE is achieved via the "plasma" package group: .
Not able to replicate this problem, but perhaps my config is slightly different.

What command are you using to active the Find Symbol dialog? (normally activate_find_symbol)

When it comes up, do you have it floating, docked, or auto-hidden?

What platform are you on?
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