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SlickEdit® / How to get the browsing stack displayed
« Last post by A on Today at 05:17:04 am »
  Many a time I am browsing through the code following the execution flow from one function to another and land in a certain part of the code and I forget how the execution flow led me there there. (Please note that I am not actually executing the code, just following the flow). I would like to see the pathway that led me to the current point. Is there a provision in SlickEdit to have this displayed. This would be just a display of the bookmark stack I believe.
SlickEdit® / Slickedit Pro 2019 Hanging on close.
« Last post by lahughes on Today at 12:39:33 am »
I am not sure if this is a MacOS Catalina problem but I upgraded to Catalina Feb. 15 and it seems like I've been having this problem since. When I try to exit Slickedit it just hangs while trying to close. I usually do a force quit to get out of it.

I am referencing a workspace that is on a remote server that I have connected to. All my files are saved so it's not asking whether to save them or not. I checked 'show all windows' to verify that there wasn't an extra window hiding somewhere.

I've attached the report collected by the 'force quit' option as well as the about slickedit output.
SlickEdit® / Questions about Enterprise version
« Last post by louisg on February 18, 2020, 11:06:03 pm »
Long time customer here (since the 90's).  I have a WinPro license, but lately have been doing cross-platform stuff on Linux, and I see Mac in the future so I was considering getting the Enterprise Pro License so I can use SE on all the platforms.

1) I see that Enterprise supports named user licenses (which is what I would purchase).  Would I still use a license file like I do with my one platform license or would I be forced to use the license manager?

2) What is the annual maintenance / support subscription cost for Enterprise?  I couldn't find it listed on the site.


SlickEdit® / Search Result Filename Short/Relative Path
« Last post by joecar on February 18, 2020, 06:03:05 pm »
Is there a way to allow file pathnames to be displayed relative to project in search results...?
( i.e. an option for absolute or relative file pathnames )
Or relative to some place in the project tree.
Code: [Select]
Find all "RXSER", Regular expression (Perl), "<Workspace>", "*.*"
File C:\Users\jc\Workspace\RTL8720_WIFI_ADAPTER\rtl8720_wifi_adapter.git\component\common\api\at_cmd\atcmd_wifi.c
 Function print_wlan_help(void *arg) : 2342
  2362 22:    printf("\n\r   # RXSER");
 Function fRXSER(void *arg) : 3692
  3692  7:void fRXSER(void *arg)
  3697 14:    printf("[RXSER]: _AT_WLAN_IPERF_TEST_SERVER_RX_\n\r");
  3701 22:        printf("\n\r[RXSER] Usage: RXSER=[server,-p #]\n");
  3787  7:    {"RXSER",fRXSER, {NULL, NULL}},
Total found: 7     Matching files: 1     Total files searched: 2232

General Programming / Re: how can i see the "makefile" that the slickedit produce?
« Last post by Dan on February 18, 2020, 09:18:08 am »
Yes, you can choose "Build with an auto-generated, auto-mantained makefile" from the build tab.

You can also select the tool you wan tot see (Compile or Link) on the Tools tab, and select a configuration at the top and you'll see the command line for that tool.
General Programming / Re: how can i see the "makefile" that the slickedit produce?
« Last post by aos on February 18, 2020, 09:08:05 am »
Build without a makefile.

there is an option in slickedit to produce one? or to see some how the gcc comands that it produces?

General Programming / Re: how can i see the "makefile" that the slickedit produce?
« Last post by Dan on February 17, 2020, 04:36:21 pm »
Are you using "Build with an auto-generated, auto-mantained makefile", or"Build without a makefile"?
General Programming / how can i see the "makefile" that the slickedit produce?
« Last post by aos on February 17, 2020, 04:33:58 pm »
In other words, i want to be able to see the command that the slickedit perform when compiling and linking the code.
when i use Verbose checkbox it does not enough info to see. i want to be able to see the whole command that the slickedit sends to the gcc.

there is any possibility to do it in slickedit?


SlickEdit® / Re: #if 0 inactive code
« Last post by joecar on February 17, 2020, 03:36:22 pm »
I'm not sure why/how that got checked in the first place.
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