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SlickEdit® / Anonymous Unions Problem in v22.0.2.1
« Last post by pomeroyr on May 18, 2018, 05:30:40 pm »
Just moved to verison and I have found a number of instances where a c union or struct is not found due to it being an anonymous union (or struct).

I believe this is the same thing as this topic, but that topic is for version 20:,11712.msg49548.html#msg49548
SlickEdit® / Re: Cannot adjust erratic Window Left Margin
« Last post by Dennis on May 18, 2018, 03:08:18 pm »
Settings that can put an icon in the left margin:
  • Tools > Options... > Languages > All Languages > Auto-Complete > Visual details > Light bulb
  • Tools > Options... > Editing > Context Tagging(R) > References > Highlight references in editor
  • Tools > Options... > Editing > Bookmarks > Show set bookmarks
  • Tools > Options... > Editing > Bookmarks > Show pushed bookmarks
  • Tools > Options... > Languages > All Languages > Auto-Complete > Syntax Expansion > Use Dynamic Surround
  • Tools > Options... > Languages > All Languages > View > Selective Display on file open

Actions that will put icons in the left margin:
  • Any selective display operation (View > Selective Display... and below)
  • Setting a breakpoint for debugging
  • Error markers, for example navigating using next-error after a compile (Messages tool window)
  • Creating annotations
  • Creating bookmarks
  • Dragging text in the editor
  • Using the integrated debugger

Some of these icons kind of come and go, for example, auto-complete's light-bulb icon.  This is most likely what you are seeing, since you report that the margin width changed and you don't see any icons there afterward.  Once an icon is created in the left margin, we leave it in the wider state.  If we were to shrink it again after the icon went away, then you would see shifting anytime you toggled a single bookmark or breakpoint in a file, as the margin grew and shrunk.

Coincidently, the features that are associated with icons in the left margin are some of the most valuable features of SlickEdit, so you have to ask yourself if it is worth it to cripple your editor just to save a few pixels.
SlickEdit® / Re: Cannot adjust erratic Window Left Margin
« Last post by Graeme on May 18, 2018, 06:34:50 am »
In my opinion it would be worth trying this
1. export your settings from V18 using the options dialog
2. create a new empty configuration folder by starting slick like this
    vs.exe +new -sc some-empty-folder
3. Run slick on the new config as above.  Cancel out of the "quick setup" dialog.
4. Import your settings using the options dialog.

If you still get the problem and you can reproduce it easily, run slick with a new empty configuration folder and see if you can still repro. it.  If you can, try re-installing slick.
SlickEdit® / Re: Cannot adjust erratic Window Left Margin
« Last post by Siggy Schwarz on May 18, 2018, 05:56:22 am »
Just had it again and it seems to have been caused by the editor getting input focus after I minimized by web browser. Saw this before but wasn't sure whether it was caused by a focus change. This issue seems to be random and to me it looks as if there is an uninitialized variable somewhere in the code dealing with this.
SlickEdit® / Re: Cannot adjust erratic Window Left Margin
« Last post by Siggy Schwarz on May 18, 2018, 12:05:01 am »
Until my PC was upgraded recently I have mostly used VS version 7. So I cannot say whether this is new. On this new machine I decided to finally switch over to this new version.

No, it does not happen with every search. I only had the feeling that it might be related to searches until I had one case where it noticed the issue directly after hitting 'y' on the 'search wrap/continue' dialog (it still is a little bit a fuzzy observation).

Yes, the Window Left Margin set to 0.0 did not help either.

Strangely, when I tried re-creating this issue just now, using a .h file, the .c file that showed the gray strip, now no longer has the gray strip!

Under tools/options/editing/bookmarks I have all switches set to OFF.

When I installed V18 on the old PC, I let it import/migrate the config from V7. Could that be the problem?
Going back to an empty config and re-applying everything would be a bit tedious.
But then, my colleague, who has I think V19, also has the problem, but he has line numbers on all the time and hence does not notice this. (Checking with my colleague's V19, not all of his editor windows have the extra space after the line numbers).
SlickEdit® / Re: config dialog is cut off: Python-->Auto-Complete
« Last post by Dennis on May 17, 2018, 03:18:20 pm »
Looks like you stumbled onto a sizing bug.  What do you have your dialog font set to (Tools > Options > Appearance > Fonts > Dialog).  You might want to reduce the point size it if you have changed it to something very large, temporarily so that you can explore all those options, at least.

If you have not changed the dialog font within SlickEdit yourself, then this might be due to a Windows font scaling issue.  What settings are you using for?

1) Windows > Settings > System > Display > Scaling
2) Windows > Settings > System > Display > Advanced Display Options > Set a Custom Scaling Factor
3) Windows > Settings > System > Display > Advanced Display Options > Change text size > (did you change any of these?)

I experimented with numerous combinations of these settings and was not able to reproduce the resizing issue you are having.
SlickEdit® / Re: Tabs Dissapearing
« Last post by Graeme on May 17, 2018, 12:48:05 pm »
With V22, if I execute the "one window" command in the Window menu, I get left with one tab only, like you.  I'm not sure that's supposed to be happening because I still have several buffers open.  Do you use the "Files" toolbar at all  - are all your open buffers listed on the buffers tab?  If so, try selecting several of them and hit return  - you might see a bunch of file tabs appear in the main window.

How long had you been using slickedit for before this problem turned up?
SlickEdit® / Re: settings changes aren't saved until quit
« Last post by Graeme on May 17, 2018, 12:12:07 pm »
oh, ok.  I found a slight logic error; aka bug.  I didn't really test it properly, sorry.  Here's another version.  This time I've added some debug code - if it still doesn't work you could uncomment #define DEBUG  -   it results in some output to the slick debug window when a save is done.  If a buffer is closed you should see "xupdate cbquit2".  If a buffer is saved you should see "xupdate cbsave". If the current cursor line or column changes you should see "xupdate timer save" 3 seconds after the cursor stops moving.  Actually if a buffer is closed you see all three messages but too many is better than too few, maybe.

SlickEdit® / Re: Cannot adjust erratic Window Left Margin
« Last post by Graeme on May 17, 2018, 11:23:02 am »
Is it completely random  - does it not happen with every search?
In tools -> options -> editing -> bookmarks, you could try turning off "navigating search results pushes bookmark".
If there's a bookmark anywhere in the file I think you get the wider gutter for the whole file  - so just because there's no bitmap immediately visible doesn't automatically mean the gutter should be narrow.

Is this a new problem or has V18 always had this problem for you?  If it's a new problem, try running slick on a new empty config folder
vs.exe +new -sc c:\some-empty-folder
and maybe export / import your settings.
Another thing you could try is deleting/renaming vrestore.slk - with slick closed  - and back up vrestore.slk first.
Have you tried 0.0 for the gutter width?
SlickEdit® / Re: Cannot adjust erratic Window Left Margin
« Last post by Siggy Schwarz on May 17, 2018, 05:23:31 am »
Just had this again. It happened when my search (using ctrl-F to find the next occurrence) hit the end of the file and the continuation dialog popped up and I hit 'y' to continue from the top. Then the gray strip on the left hand side appeared. There is no bitmap or whatever in it, it is completely gray.
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