Author Topic: B4: (annoyance) Clicking on build error, hidden tool window, cursor "off screen"  (Read 2127 times)


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I build in SE which, nicely, brings up the build errors and allows for easy clicking to jump to the error in the file.  I also keep my build/message list tool window docked and hidden on the bottom of the screen and pop it up to click on the (very rare occasion...  ;D ) errors/warnings that occur.

There's many times that SE will open up a new window with the error in it and jump to the error - But the error will be at the bottom of the screen and hidden by the popped up build window.

Now I could just mouse off the window, but where this gets very annoying is when I'm trying to diagnose a template error which spawns off 20 gazillion other "side" errors and I'm "walking" through the errors to see if I can get a sense of context about what why the compiler is complaining about the template generation and see the error in context so I have to mouse off the window, see the error, and then bring the tool window back up.

It'd be nice if SE would be smart about realizing that the hidden window is up and adjust the position of the error accordingly so it's visible on the screen (or maybe default putting the error at the top/middle of the screen instead of the bottom?)