Author Topic: Very glad to see these forums!  (Read 6873 times)


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Very glad to see these forums!
« on: July 14, 2006, 03:01:06 am »
I have long thought forums such as this would be a great addition for SlickEdit!  Thanks for adding them.

I just uploaded a few of my most-used macros I have written over the years.  Most are useful for the C++ language, since that is what I've worked with most during that time.

1.  BlockComment - Comments / uncomments the highlighted lines

2.  SameLineBraces - Inserts {} onto the current line, without auto-expanding the brace template.  Useful for inserting one-line functions in .h files, for example.

3.  OpenPartnerFile - If this is a .h file, open the corresponding .cpp file, and vice versa.

4.  If_Include - Insert the necessary #ifndef/#define/#endif markers at the top and bottom of .h files.

Comments welcome!