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Assembling within SE
« on: July 30, 2018, 04:23:38 pm »
If I have a C file selected, I can execute the compile Shift+F10 and it does what I want.   I've configured it to use the vendors tools with the necessary parameters and all is well.

I notice in the configuration that there are special configurations that I presume are associated by file extension that could be a part of this project and one can configure the command line as needed (e.g., *.f90, *.f, *.ada, etc.).   When I have an assembly file open, I want to be able to have it also 'compile', but there are some extra flags that need to be passed through to the vendor's built gcc.

I don't see how to add a new *.S to the compile extension.    Hacking the project file 'appeared' to do what I wanted, but when I compiled, the output was sent to a separate command window, the output whizzed by and then closed.   None of the output was captured to the build window.  Short of creating another Build Tool, how does one add a new extension that honors the requests to execute the compilation for that extension and also capture it's output (for error processing)?