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Slow window dragging
« on: November 06, 2019, 08:41:38 pm »
SE24 with hotfix 3. If it's loaded up with a lot of files and more than one project in a workspace, the main window is very very slow to drag around. Like, if it were a movie it would be running at 2-3 seconds per frame!

The setup in question has two projects in a workspace. One, the primary, has half a dozen files whilst the other has 5227. However, if I load up just the second project the window drags just fine, so it seems to me to be the combination.

Note that there are only a couple of files on the tab bar and the project window is collapsed. There seems to be nothing on the display that might provoke this (that is, there aren't 5227 tabs or file windows or whatever).

Edit: a half-hour later it is fine. Don't know what's changed in the meantime other than that I added one file to the small project.
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