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SlickEdit 2021 (v26.0.3) - Now Available
« on: July 30, 2021, 04:51:47 am »
SlickEdit 2021 (v26.0.3)

Fixes, Features, and Enhancements in SlickEdit 2021 (26.0.3)
  • Fix for prompted regex search and replace causing scroll style to change to center scrolling.
  • Fix for numerous cases were the C/C++ preprocessor code did not handle negative and unsigned constants (or values) correctly in a #if condition
  • Fix for potential scrolling performance problem which occurs when Files tool window is docked.
  • Linux fix for dependency on
  • Fix for restoring document overview bar markup after restart
  • Fix for macro recording for diff and multi-file diff.
  • Fix for Update Manager error MANIFEST: Error opening output file: ""
  • Added support for opening multitiple selected files to Enter key in Projects tool window.
  • Window<[select window] should uniconize the floating MDI window before setting focus to the child edit window.
  • Fix bug where deleting two annotations would wipe out the entire list of annotations displayed in the Annotations tool window.
  • Fix for record-macro-end-execute which is supposed to allow you to terminated macro recording and execute a macro.
  • Fixed bug where References would not move to the correct location when the current buffer contained imaginary lines (like a ruler line).
  • Work harder to make entire block visible when the "Copy Code Block" or "Delete Code Block" dialogs are displayed.
  • Fix for Slick-C stack which can occur when fetching the python version.
  • Removed confusing duplicate hot key for Alt+C for Preserve case.
  • Added option whether to prompt when saving an unmodified file which already exists on disk.
  • Do not disable --autostash option on Pull from Git dialog
  • Save and restore the previous expanded size of the Diff portion of the Compare Directory/Project/Workspace dialog when expanded.
  • Fixed problem where committing files from the svc_commit command could commit other files that were added, but not specified to be committed.
  • Added code to detect C++ compiler configuration for Apple's CommandLineTools and the SDKs installed within.  This makes it possible to have a compiler tag file
    that includes an installed SDK even if you do not have Xcode installed on macOS.
  • Not all fixes/changes have been listed.

Fixes, Features, and Enhancements in SlickEdit 2021 (26.0.2)
  • Editor Windows
    • Added default bindings for Alt+WheelUp and Alt+WheelDown to scroll symbol by symbol
    • Added default bindings on macOS for Command+WheelUp and Command+WheelDown to scroll by pages.
  • Debugger
    • Pre-installed GDB upgraded to GDB 11.2 on macOS, GDB 10.2 on Windows and Linux
    • Pre-installed LLDB on 64-bit Linux and macOS upgraded to 13.0.1 (10.0.0 for Linux Qt4)
    • Python version used with GDB and LLDB upgraded to Python 3.10
    • Python and LLDB are now packaged as a framework and installed with SlickEdit on macOS
  • Tool Windows
    • Added Up and Down buttons to Slick-C Stack tool window to make it easier to navigate complex stack traces
    • Name column of bookmarks tool window is slightly more compact and readable
  • Toolbars
    • The "Properties" option on the toolbar right-click menu now works for disabled buttons
    • Added "Remove Button" option to toolbar right-click menu
    • Added "Customize Toolbar" option to toolbar right-click menu as a shortcut for "Toolbars > Customize"
  • DIFFzilla(TM)
    • Set bookmark, Toggle bookmark, and Alt-bookmark are now supported in the Diff editor
    • Push bookmark and Pop bookmark are also now fully supported in the Diff editor
    • Add annotation is also now supported in the Diff editor
    • Fix issue toggling between Source Diff and Line Diff in two different instances of diff.
    • Fix for vsdiff missing Source Diff setting where it would work from SlickEdit.
  • macOS fix for missing Python 2.x
  • macOS memory leak fix
  • Wildcard cache moved out of vpwhist/vpwhistu into separate XML file for better performance.
  • Fix toolbar menu code so that the menu shown when right-clicking on a disabled icon includes option to edit "Properties..." for that icon.
  • Fix an issue in Compare Directory/Project/Workspace with Version Control that would allow incorrect combinations of checked files to have buttons enabled.
  • Fix bug where workspace-specific bookmarks could carry over to the next workspace that you opened if that workspace did not already have bookmarks.
  • Fix stack if you click on "Diff current file with most recent version" button or the "Diff current symbol with most recent version" button on the version control toolbar twice.
  • Fix bug where Auto-Complete would insert completions which were not selected if you turn off the options to Show Categories and History.
    Fix bug where Tab completion to insert longest prefix match would not select the item inserted.  Fix bug where Auto-Complete matches would
    include items where were not prefix matches when typing in a comment.
  • Do not show special characters the calculator (Tools>Calculator) if have special characters is turned on for Plain Text mode.
  • Tweak to try to improve handling of template functions when trying to compute the return type of a function with explicit template arguments.
  • Fix Slick-C stack that most often occurred closing the update while a diff was going.
  • Fix bug which made it impossible to navigate to a C++ using type alias if there was another symbol in the same file with the same symbol name.
  • Fix problem where erase-comment could fail to process all of the lines in the selection when "Beautify line when reindenting" was enabled.
  • Fix so auto reload reloads files where only the encoding changed.
  • The vsbuild dependency database (project.vpb) should be flagged as a binary file extension so that it is included in the default list of file exclusions.
  • Fix bug where function parameter mouse-over help for an overloaded function would go away after you clicked on one of the arrows to switch to a different
    prototype of the function. Also fix a bug where function argument help, when listing compatible parameters would not refresh when you changed overloaded function prototypes.
  • Fix bugs defining or importing #define's with empty argument lists.
  • Make sure that positional keyword coloring is reset when a buffer is modified or reloaded. Add _buffer_before_reload_* callback to indicate a buffer is being reloaded so that features can clean up stream markers before the contents of the file changes.
  • Fix bad message from Class tool window when attempting to navigate to a derived class of a class which had no derived classes.
  • Fix bug where the Preview window and mouse-over information would indicate the evaluated return type of a variable was "void*" even though the variable
    had a concrete type.
  • Fix for Tab indenting the selection in Markdown
  • Fix issue in multi-file diff that will only diff individual files as read-only.
  • Fix issue in multi-file diff copying a missing file would cause the newly copied file's icon to appear modified.
  • Fix issue in multi-file diff deleting the a file and not having the icon change.
  • Fix so \< escapes embedded HTMl in Markdown color coding
  • Fix so build shell (secsh) will start if the SlickEdit install directory has spaces.
  • Fix so .vpwhist files are not backed up when they are written.
  • Fix for searching options. Could miss some settings
  • Fix for Visual Studio .dsw workspace support. Fix for Project tool window menu items.
  • Fix issue that kept Compare Directory/Project/Workspace with Version Control from letting you add unknown directories.
  • Fix wrapping issue in the Compare Directory/Project/Workspace with Version Control dialog when the diff is expanded.
  • Fix placement of controls in DIFFzilla when "Put buttons at top of diff dialog" option is on.
  • Fix bug in Visual Basic context tagging where list-symbols would not always restrict the items found to the evaluated type of the prefix expression.
    Change the algorithm for "Find completions which fix minor typos" to only kick in when the identifier prefix is two or more characters in length.
  • Fix for PowerShell indenting problem due keyword not being a keyword in certain situations.
  • Fix problems with Git Checkout, Push to repository, and Pull from repository if the current directory is in a state where there is no current branch.
  • Fix problems with checkout if the current file is from a different repository or clone.  Also fix problems using the version control toolbar checkout button in
  • Fix a case where Compare Directory/Project/Workspace with Version Control GUI could prompt to map an extension to a language when it should not.
  • Not all fixes/changes have been listed.

Fixes, Features, and Enhancements in SlickEdit 2021 (26.0.1)
  • Added support for opening Visual Studio 2022 solutions.
  • Added tagging support for Java 8 lambda functions
  • Fixed bug parsing type of Java for loop iterator variables
  • Improved multi-file replace performance.
  • Fix for possible hang when do Replace (not replace in files) and choose Project or workspace.
  • Fix issue with commiting a file from the Compare Project with Git dialog if there
    is only one modified file in a folder.
  • Fix for Slick-C Stack if you run Git Blame from Projects tool window.
  • Add "*.mpp" and "*.mxx" to list of C/C++ file extensions (C++20 modules).
  • Fix for Python function argument help problem.
  • Fix for PHP color coding for interpolated strings.
  • In the Project > New... dialog, if the user elects not to add files directly, then we should always bring up the project properties dialog afterwards.
  • Fix Slick-C stack when trying to Comment Block if the middle comment characters are not single characters.
  • Fix for focus not going back to editor window after upload of ftp document after save/quit.
  • Fix for "Copy Tree" buttons in multi-file diff.
  • Smarter home/end key support for Files tool window when focus is in text box. home/end keys will operator on the list if the text box is empty.
  • Fixed bug where Auto-complete did not work well when Dynamic Surround was active.
  • Fixed bug increasing or decreasing size of default fonts in Font options dialog.
  • Sometimes committing a file can fail from the GUI Compare dialog.
  • Fix for Slick-C stack when you try to diff a file with the most up to date version in CVS.
  • Fix bug in code that prompts to remind you what key "unsurround" or "copy-surround-block" commands are bound to.
  • Fix for bug diffing two line ranges in the same buffer.  If you saved "file2", the change will not be updated in the buffer in the editor.
  • Fix for bug where the Cancel button on the "Finish background tagging jobs" progress dialog did nothing.
  • macOS fix for crash when using fill selection from the Edit menu
  • When changing the default color profile, make sure that all open files are
    changed, even if in "multiple-files-share-window" mode (like Brief uses).
  • Fixed problem where context menu for a breakpoint has the "Properties..." entry disabled.
  • Do not show matching symbols if the user did not ask to see them.
  • Fixed smart indenting for Swift. Also added support for SmartPaste and smart tab.
  • Fixed smart indenting for Google Go. Also added support for SmartPaste and smart tab.
  • Document > [lang] Options... will now restore the previously selected language
    options page instead of always starting at Language > General.
  • Fixed bug where the Defs tool window would not work correctly when you
    double-click to expand the symbols in a large PowerShell source file.
  • Fix misspelled function name.
  • Fix for stack when using "diff -comment <comment>..."
  • Get the line range right if diffing a line range or symbol.
  • Fix for pressing ESC too quickly when the Compare Directory/Workspace/Project
    with Version Control.
  • Fixed bug where highlighting would not update after toggling the draw box option in the Highlight Tool Window.
  • Fixed bug where highlight tool window would fall asleep and not continue coloring lines.
  • Fixed bug which caused scroll bar markup for Highlight Tool Window to work inconsistently.
  • Fixed bug where highlight tool window did not work when the top-of-file line is enabled.
  • Fix for Java context tagging bug where we were incorrectly limiting
    access to private fields in nested class
  • Added new commands to toggle the vertical line column
    (toggle-vertical-line-column and toggle-vertical-line-at-column).
  • Fixed bug where the light bulb does not show up in the editor margin
    until you select a completion in auto-complete.
  • Fix for Slick-C context tagging case where it did not find all references to a
    function called relative to a form wid.
  • Fix so plugins load on macOS. Also, new 26.0.0 installer or 26.0.1 which is not yet available.
  • Fixed bugs handling #undef of pre-defined preprocessing macro.
  • Fix Slick-C stack when creating new project with relative project path.
  • Not all fixes/changes have been listed.
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