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Minifind and Wrap
« on: January 18, 2022, 09:58:32 PM »
As a long time Big-Find user trying to learn new tricks and use Mini-find, I wrote all of the following before finding the Alt+F menu in Mini-find where the state of Wrap, Prompting and Backwards is in fact displayed. So I guess you could argue that some of below aren't bugs, I'd still complain that having Mini-Replace highlight words that do not in fact get replaced (with Alt+A) is a bug.

In Mini-find, Alt-P toggles "Wrap and beginning/end", but the state of this checkbox isn't displayed.
When Wrap is turned off, Mini-find will still highlight all matches, but will only find matches from the current cursor location to the end of the file.

This is worse with replace - which is how/why I found this and am complaining. For example, with Wrap unchecked:
1 Open C:\Program Files\SlickEdit Pro 26.0.1\macros\annotations.e
2 Goto line 27 '#import "files.e"'
3 Place cursor on "i" then Ctrl+Shift+Right to select "import "
4 Ctrl+H
5 Change replace text to "EXPORT "
6 Alt+A to replace all
7 Only lines 28 to the end of the file are affected, yet lines 20-27 are still highlighted as if they were matched.

Question: In Big-Find, what does it mean when the Wrap checkbox is in the tri-state state? (Not checked, or clear).
Answer: Prompting to wrap.(found by experimentation -- Not in the Help)
End of file reached.  Continue searching at the beginning?

Bug2: From Mini-find you cannot set Wrap to the tri-state, but mini-find also prompts to wrap when it is in the tri-state.

Bug3: In Big-Find, "Wrap at begin/end" should be disabled when one of the All boxes are checked (Highlight all, list all, Bookmark all, Set Multiple Cursors)

Bug4: Mini-find is also affected by "Backwards", lets you toggle it with Alt+B, and doesn't show this state.

Bonus! I just found the "Keep matching likes" function in Mini-find!


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Re: Minifind and Wrap
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2022, 09:29:15 AM »
#3 Enable/disable should match what occurs with List all occurrences. The wrap setting is getting ignored.

#1 the mini replace works the same way. Changing this actually removes a feature. That is, the ability to just replace changes for the rest of the file. I do take advantage of this and I suspect other users do as well. Seems like this would have to be an option. Otherwise, some users will get tripped up by a change here.

In the third state, "Wrap at beginning/end" will prompt. Very handy.