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Re: Search History List
« on: November 11, 2007, 09:06:10 PM »
I was trying this a while ago, and I found that the right mouse button on the combo box does not work - it brings up the toolbar RMB menu, rather than the one for that combo box.  On normal toolbar icons, you get a menu with one item, "Properties".  But even that only works if the icon is not greyed out - if it is, you get no menu at all.  I think both of those behaviours are probably bugs - the RMB menu for the toolbar item should always be what you get.

Also, how do you remove an icon or combo box from a toolbar?  If it is in the documenation anywhere, I could not find it.
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Re: Search History List
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1. Seems that the combobox needs to get the focus first (l-click) before r-clicking provides the context menu of this item.
2. After the 'View->Toolbars>Customize' dialog is displayed you can simply drag the items away from it.


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Re: Search History List
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FYI - This is regarding a "Did you know" post regarding adding a control to a toolbar:

I've added the info to the tip about removing a control. This post is regarding a bug which doesn't belong with the tips :)