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Validating XML Files in batch mode
« on: January 11, 2008, 10:34:19 am »
Hi. I usually validate my XML files with user defined xsd specs and the XML validate function in vs. But sometimes I forget to do this and it already happend, that I left some files with errors. :(
But at the latest when I check in my files in my version control they should be alright. I reflected this problem and had the idea to validate my XML files in batch way. Is there a possibility to do this in vs. Maybe with a macro? The problem is I'm not very fit in macros, so is there an easy way to do this? ??? Maybe some code samples for me? ::)

The workflow should be:
  • User defined key and symbol in my toolbar.
  • By pressing the symbol a dialog opens with a directory view.
  • In this dialog a directory has to be chosen from which the batch validation should start.
  • All XML files in this directory and all subdirectories should be validated
  • The result should be shown at the output window

Many thanks for any help  ;)