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Saving bookmarks
« on: August 17, 2006, 10:35:40 am »
How many bookmarks can be saved?
Is there a possibility to save bookmarks to external file (i.e. similar to saving search results)?

I saw that after adding some bookmarks others were deleted (i had at least 50). If there is a size limit there should be at least some notification about that.

[Edited] One additional thing. I worked with files that were identical (content) but with different filename.

static int  LocateFormatTableItem(int16 nParmID)
   int i;
/*critical*/   for (i = 0; i < ILOCALE_FORMAT_LIMIT; i++) {
      if (gtParamToFormats == nParmID)
         return (i);
   return (-1);

This function is in two files and when i set bookmark in critical place in first file everything is ok
but when i set bookmark in second file in that function (that line) bookmark disappear from first file.
So i'm guessing that bookmarks are saved/deleted by line content and file name and line number is not important in that case.

Can it be fixed? It's quite annoying when in many files some lines are exactly the same.

Slickedit v.11, Windows

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