Author Topic: Request for full GDB command window (again)  (Read 3739 times)


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Request for full GDB command window (again)
« on: August 16, 2008, 12:24:00 pm »

searching this forum, I found several users requesting a 'full' gdb interface for SlickEdit (see citation
at bottom). The common answer is the recommendation of "debug-send-command <gdb command>".

In citation 3, it was also suggested that "debug-send-command" (without quotes) would open a
command window, which does not work in my version (v13.0.1.0) of SlickEdit.

The crippled "debug-send-command" is no alternative to a command window interface, because it
interfaces with gdb poorly. Starting off that it does not handle gdb returns nicely (i.e. does not wrap
long lines), it also requests one mouse click ("OK") in addition to the keyboard shortcuts for every
sent command.

But the real issue is, that SlickEdit does not cope with the result of the operation. When I step
using "debug-send-command step", the interface does not get updated (like Xcode or ddd would).
Adding new breakpoints with "debug-send-command br <pos>", they don't show up and, what
is even worse, are subsequently ignored when continuing the program from SlickEdit's "play"

We use SlickEdit as an alternative to Eclipse and Xcode, please provide a command line gdb
that is equally good as your GUI interface (which is very well featured).



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