Author Topic: SlickEdit Core for Eclipse 3.5.1 Now Available  (Read 6391 times)


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SlickEdit Core for Eclipse 3.5.1 Now Available
« on: May 17, 2010, 07:52:21 PM »
If you are using Eclipse 3.5.x and already have SlickEdit Core 3.5.0 installed, you can upgrade to SlickEdit Core 3.5.1 via Help > Check for Updates.  The following is a list of bug fixes and enhancements in this minor release:

  • SlickEdit Core 3.5.1 runs with either Java 5 or Java 6.
  • Fixed bug where certain files in RDz would not open in SlickEdit if working offline.
  • Fixed bug where problem markers in RDz would not show up in the SlickEdit editor.
  • Added support for "Workspace" and "Current Project" "Look in" options on the Find tool window.
  • Feature: Open extensionless files with the SlickEdit editor by default. To enable, turn on
    Window > SlickEdit Preferences > File Options > Load > Open extensionless files with SlickEdit.  
    Please note that if turned on, all extensionless files will open with SlickEdit, even if a different
    editor is manually selected by right-clicking on the file and selecting "Open With."
  • Fixed bug where using "Add Tree" on the Tag Files dialog to add "*.php" to a tag file would not work.
  • Feature: Preserve location of trailing line comments (PL/I only). To enable, turn on
    Window > SlickEdit Preferences > Languages > Mainframe Languages > PL/I > Comment Wrap > Preserve
    location of trailing comments
    . This feature will preserve the location of trailing line comments
    as you type, replace, or delete characters at an earlier position in the line.
  • The "Change Directory" option (def_change_dir) has been shut off by default.
  • Fixed bug where turning on line truncation for a language (LANGUAGE OPTIONS > General > Truncation)
    would not work.
  • Fixed bug where opening certain remote files with SlickEdit could result in an error if Eclipse could
    not determine the file path.
  • Added support for using DIFFzilla to quickly diff folders and projects (in addition to files)
    in an Eclipse explorer view by selecting Compare With > Each Other (DIFFzilla).
  • Fixed the following bugs involving the "Strip trailing spaces" save option:
    • Markers (bookmarks, tasks, breakpoints, etc.) removed on save for the current file.
    • Pushed bookmark stack corruption.
    • Not respecting the Save > Line format option.
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