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Support for gradle builds
« on: July 25, 2012, 06:54:36 am »
I think it would be awesome with support for Gradle builds in SE.


Gradle is mostly used for Java, Groovy, Scala and Antlr but has experimental support for C++. It also has support for executing Maven and Ant builds. My thought is by having support for Gradle, SE could wrap Maven builds with Gradle and get Maven support at the same time.

Another interesting feature Gradle has is the Gradle Daemon ( The daemon is run in the background and collects information about the build and shortens the startup time for builds. You can also hook in to the daemon and execute build targets and get information about the build tree. This could maybe be very useful for the SE devs when they build the Gradle support.

Gradle build files use Groovy syntax. So if you do not implement Gradle supported builds it would be nice with Groovy syntax highlighting.

SE is awesome!