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Tags are confused....
« on: May 23, 2013, 11:29:54 pm »
I got several copies of the source code for my project on my machine, each in different directories.
This allows me to, for example, alternate between working on two different features.

I have different Slick workspaces setup for each of these directories, and the slick workspaces  are in the same directory as the source for the project. There are 3 slick projects in each workspace.
These slick projects are all wild-card java (Android).
I typically alternate a few times a day between these workspaces.

I used the Search->FindSymbol menu to look up a function by name, getting maybe 25 results or so.
3 of the results have blank for the "File" column in the "Find Symbol" window.
Seems odd to me, so I select one of these.
When I do that, the Slick status bar changes to
Edit: E:\src\p1\dir1\project\src\com\
Like it is prompting me to help it find a source file.
But all of the files in the workspace I'm using are in E:\src\p1\dir2\....., not dir1.

I've double checked my Tag files to verify that in fact there are no files listed in any open tag file under E:\src\p1\dir1\

Closing down slick and reopening it doesn't help.
Switching to Workspace1 and looking for the same symbol gives about the same set of results, but no blanks and everything properly references dir1.
Switching back to Workspace2 and the problem repros.