Author Topic: Invalid Directory in path warnings/errors when building in Visual Slickedit 18.0  (Read 1370 times)


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I have version 64 bit of Visual Slickedit and I am running into an issue when opening/building a Visual Studio 2012 sln from within slickedit..

Specifically, when building in Slickedit, it complains of a path on the lib path that does not exist.. HOWEVER, when I build either from a Studio command prompt using devenv myself, or from within visual studio itself, these warnings DO NOT APPEAR...

Also, if I simply run a Visual Studio 2012 Developer Command prompt and then issue the Set command the path in question DOES NOT APPEAR in the lib setting...

This leads me to believe that Slickedit is somehow setting the lib path incorrectly, but I cannot figure out where it is getting the incorrect information from.