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SlickEdit® / Re: 22.0.1 not reaping defunct processes?
« Last post by Dennis on February 14, 2018, 03:19:32 pm »
Yes, on 22.0.2 --,15996.0.html

Could you attach to one of the defunct vs_exe processes with GDB and do a "bt all" ?  I would like to see what those processes are waiting on.
SlickEdit® / Re: 22.0.1 not reaping defunct processes?
« Last post by rowbearto on February 14, 2018, 03:58:47 am »
With some more thinking, I think the [ssh] zombies are because I was using FTP tool window to sftp to an ssh server. Sometimes that ssh server gets rebooted while I did not drop the connection in the FTP tool window, maybe that is the issue?

Not sure what the [vs_exe] zombies are though, but I have noticed that SE sometimes spawns other vs_exe.

Anything like this fixed in

Also, in some other threads I saw a mention of, is that also coming out soon?
SlickEdit® / 22.0.1 not reaping defunct processes?
« Last post by rowbearto on February 13, 2018, 10:37:23 pm »
Currently in my ps output, I see many child zombie processes of vs_exe:

Code: [Select]
$ ps -ef | grep 2491
rbresali  2407  2491  0 Feb12 pts/12   00:01:02 [vs_exe] <defunct>
rbresali  2491  2480  3 Feb12 pts/12   01:02:42 /home/rbresali/pen/slickedit/se_latest_64/bin/vs_exe -st 0 +new -sc /home/rbresali/pen/slickedit/config
rbresali  9864 10787  0 17:35 pts/16   00:00:00 grep 2491
rbresali 18133  2491  0 Feb12 ?        00:00:00 [ssh] <defunct>
rbresali 19858  2491  0 Feb12 ?        00:00:00 [ssh] <defunct>
rbresali 20836  2491  0 Feb12 pts/12   00:00:09 [vs_exe] <defunct>
rbresali 20881  2491  0 Feb12 pts/12   00:01:04 [vs_exe] <defunct>
rbresali 28870  2491  0 11:04 ?        00:00:00 [ssh] <defunct>

For my builds, I do run a script that sshes into another machine and runs a build, but I'm pretty sure it ends normally.

These zombie processes are eating up memory.

Is this a known issue? Anything I can do to debug more?
Features and/or Improvements / Re: Multiple Vertical Lines ...
« Last post by rgloden on February 13, 2018, 08:48:38 pm »
Wow ... thanks ...
SlickEdit® / SlickEdit 2017 (v22.0.2) - Now Available
« Last post by Clark on February 13, 2018, 08:32:34 pm »
SlickEdit 2017 (v22.0.2)
Fixes, Features, and Enhancements in SlickEdit 2017 (22.0.2)
  • Language Support
    • Rust
      • Rewrite of Rust tagging and statement tagging
    • Google Go
      • Fix bug parsing type lists.
      • Statement tagging now identifies assignment statements
    • C/C++
      • Automatically process #defines within the current file, as if
                        they were added to the C/C++ Preprocessing options.
      • Add preconfigured preprocessing definition for _EXTERN_C_END
      • Show value of const variables with mouse-over information.
      • Add support for GNU C++ Extension "typeof" keyword.
      • Improved support for Dynamic Surround with try/catch statements
      • Statement tagging now identifies assignment statements
    • Python
      • Fix for Python smarting indenting on Enter after a function call which could indent when it shouldn't.
      • Fix bug where the wrong argument was highlighted in paramater information help for class methods.
      • Fix bug where auto-insert matching parameter would insert a name which
                        matched symbols that were not from the same language mode as the origining file.
      • Fix bug evaluating the type of a symbol initialized as a class instance whose name matched the current file base name (current package)
    • Slick-C
      • Slick-C tag file included files under the plugins directory it shouldn't have tagged
      • Statement tagging now identifies assignment statements
    • SQL
      • Add ability to filter Queries (SELECT and UPDATE statements) out of Defs tool window.
    • OpenEdge ABL
      • Fix for OpenEdge ABL FOR/END matching when FOR is preceded by THEN
    • PHP
      • Fix PHP builtins tag file auto-generation.
    • Bourne Shell
      • Fix for color coding here documents.
      • Added color coding support for ${embeded code} inside a bourne shell double quoted string.

  • Tagging
    • The Class tool window would not show variables in parent classes.
    • Fix escaping of @literals in JavaDoc comments.
    • Function mouse-over tooltip was highlighting the first argument uncessarily.
    • Tools > Tag Files... dialog more intelligently scrolls to a tag file based on the current file.

  • Debugger
    • Added support for gdb target extended-remote
    • Added support for attaching to a remote PID with GDB
    • Fix for correcting class name separators when setting a breakpoint in C/C++

  • File Handling
    • Built-in support for .zip and other container files only supported lower case extensions on windows and macOS. This has been fixed.

  • Syntax Expansion
    • Quick Unbrace should use beautifer settings for when to drop statement to next line.
    • Implement block comment auto-close like we have for C/C++

  • Find and Replace
    • Fix for Search Results column offset issues for Find in Files/Find, List all occurrences.
    • Fix for Find Look in setting changing to <Current Buffer> after restarting application.
    • Fix Mini-Find skipping first/last match on Find Next/Prev with no wrap.
    • Fix Find List all occurrences repeating results within same file.
    • Fix for Vim whole-word replace (:%s/temp_f/whater/wc) not finding some strings.

  • Version Control
    • When opening or unshelving a shelf set, prompt to confirm where to unshelve to up front.
    • Commit was not working from Version Control history dialog.
    • Fix for issue that would cause history dialog to fail on anything using the local filename.
    • Add command to update the current project and all dependent projects (svc-gui-mfupdate-project-dependencies)
    • Add command to compare symbols in the current file against version control (svc-diff-symbols-with-tip)

  • General
    • FTP Open and Client tool windows now support sorting on all columns.
    • Fix Slick-C stack in goto-bookmark.
    • Fix Slick-C stack in unload-hotfix
    • Fix Hotfix loader to correctly remove plugin state file.
    • Fix so javadoc HTML expansions on '>' honors the HTML expansion settings.
    • Fix for color coding Doxygen comments.
    • Fix issue that is causing duplicate menu items to appear when loading a hotfix.

  • Not all fixes/changes have been listed.

Fixes, Features, and Enhancements in SlickEdit 2017 (22.0.0)
  • Language Support
    • Color coding more complete, more accurate, and updated to recent specifications
      • JavaScript
      • C++
      • C#
      • JavaScript
      • PHP
      • HTML
      • CSS
      • XML
      • Swift
      • Lua
      • Perl
      • Ruby
      • Bourne Shell
      • C Shell
      • Visual Basic
      • CMake
      • Markdown
      • Windows PowerShell
      • Puppet
      • Haskell
      • Applescript
      • And more
    • New Scala support
      • Color Coding
      • Beautifier
      • Smart editing features including beautify while typing
      • Project support
      • Context Tagging(TM)
    • New Rust support
      • Color Coding
      • Smart editing features including smart indenting, syntax expansion, dynamic surround, and SmartPaste(TM)
      • Multi file and single file Project support
      • Use (Project>Open Workspace...) to open existing Cargo.toml files and a SlickEdit workspace/project will automatically be created. Cargo workspaces not yet supported.
      • Debugging support for launching Visual Studio on Windows. SlickEdit's integrated GDB debugger is used on Linux. SlickEdit's integrated LLDB debugger is used on macOS.
      • More support planned for next release
    • New Less support
      • Color Coding
      • Smart editing features including smart indenting and SmartPaste(TM)
      • Context Tagging(TM)
    • Improved JavaScript Support
      • Support for new ES6 features
        • Color Coding
        • Symbol Coloring
        • Context Tagging
        • Debugging
        • Beautifier/Smart editing
      • Improved JSON beautifier support.
    • Improved CSS support
      • Improved Color Coding
      • Improved Context Tagging(TM)
    • Visual Basic
      • New beautifier
  • Appearance Enhancements
    • New Dark Theme
      • Overrides operating system theming
      • Dark theme colors can be customized
    • New large icon size options for hi-res small screens (i.e 4k <=17" notebooks)
    • Four new edit window dark background color profiles
    • Edit window color profiles are categorized into light and dark for easier selection
    • Improved many of the edit window color samples
    • When editing a color coding profile, click on a color coding element in any edit window to select that element
    • Changed default edit window font on Windows to Consolas.
    • Changed default edit window font on Mac to Menlo.
    • Changed default command line font to be Default Fixed Font for better readability.
    • New Toolbar and Tool Window Icons
      • New Extra-Large size option for toolbar icons.
      • New size options for tool window tab icons and tool window tree/list bitmaps
      • Default icon set uses low-color simplified bitmaps to make toolbars less visually distracting
      • Six toolbar icon styles to choose from, including two-tone and monochrome icon themes
      • Icons automatically adapt to application theme dark background color.
      • Improved alpha-channel blending for smoother rendering of toolbar and tool window icons.
      • Improved tool window options and toolbar customization dialogs.
  • New More Powerful Color Coding Engine
    • Support for regular expressions. Begin/end constructs may be defined with tagged expression replacements in the end.
    • Support for adding custom embedded language constructs
    • Support for multiple levels of embedded language
    • Support for specifying nested color coding elements. For example, define keywords which are only recognized inside a specific comment.
    • Add XML literal color coding support with a simple check box (like Scala and Visual Basic)
    • String constructs much more configurable. No longer limited to a small set of predefined constructs.
    • Improved numeric color coding support including configurable suffixes, hexadecimal floating point, digit separator, and more. Can also add custom regular expressions.
    • Added more color coding elements to improve color coding for CSS and Markdown.
  • Tagging
    • Symbol correction.  Symbol completion (using Ctrl+Space) now supports several styles of symbol correction for common typographical errors.  This feature only works if the corrected symbol is defined and is a unique symbol completion.
      • Transposed characters.  For example, Ctrl+Space after "Exceptoin" will be replace the symbol with "Exception".
      • Missing characters.     For example, Ctrl+Space after "termnater" will replace the symbol with "terminator".
      • Duplicated characters.  For example, Ctrl+Space after "strcppy" will be replace the symbol with "strcpy".
    • Separate Symbol Properties tool window and Symbol Arguments tool window.
  • Backup History
    • Backup History file format changed to improve performance and reduce disk space.
    • Support for backing up larger files
    • Backup History dialog starts faster
    • Most recent backup file is stored separate from the backup archive which allows you to view and diff it more easily
    • By default, Backup History data is now stored in the unversioned config directory (parent of versioned config direcotry). This means if you delete your versioned config directory, you won't be deleting your backup history. Also, future versions of SlickEdit will be able to share the same backup history files.
  • New File System Support
    • Support for reading .gz files without decompressing them first
    • Support for listing and reading files in .tar files. Only supports newer tar format.
  • Regular Expression Enhancements
    • Performance improved (12x-16x) for maximal and minimal matching of character sets
    • Added support for subroutines that can be called multiple times. For example, "(?(DEFINE) (?<foo>[a-z]+))(?&foo)(?&foo)"
  • Project Support
    • Support for opening Visual Studio 2017 solutions
    • Added ability to configure different beautifier profiles for different source trees. For example, if you want c:\source to use different beautifier profile settings than your default, create a .seeditorconfig.xml file using Tools>Beautify>Beautifier Profile Overrides...
  • DIFFzilla
    • Improved speed of multi-file diff by using raw file I/O for first pass fast compare.
    • Added symbol mapping to Source Diff to make it possible to configure Diff to treat minor changes, such as a renamed symbol, as a whitespace change.
  • Mini Find and Replace dialog
    • Ctrl+Tab can be used to switch be find and replace dialogs
    • Added Keep Matching Lines feature (like keep-search command). Deletes all lines that do not contain the search string.
    • Added Delete Matching Lines feature (like delete-search command). Deletes all lines that contain the search string.
  • Find and Replace
    • Multi-file search with color coding options specified now supports threading and is up to 15x faster.
  • Version Control
    • Automatic version control detection for Git and Subversion files.
    • Set version control system globally, per workspace, or per project.  You can also set it for a workspace and then supercede it for a project or set of projects.
  • Slick-C
    • Added ability to create static constants (static const) which are local to the current module.
    • Added _metadata keyword to indicate that enumerated type should be stored in the state file and allow introspection.
    • Renamed "boolean" keyword to "bool" for more consistency with C++.  Deprecated "boolean".
    • Pedantic error checking is now more strict with bool types and enumerated types.
    • Added new properties "p_x_extent" and "p_y_extent" to reflect the right-hand and bottom position of controls.
    • Added support for named arguments in function calls.

  • General
    • Ctrl+WheelUp/WheelDown set to decrease/increase font size by default.
    • Pad-Enter can now be bound to a different command than the standard Enter key.
    • Automatic mapping for Pad-keys to their equievalents when necessary. That way, there is no need for mode specific key bindings for keys like Pad-Star and Pad-Slash which are problematic.
    • Define color coding elements which get spell checked when you turn on "Spell checking while typing".
    • Calculator form is now resizable

  • Not all fixes/changes have been listed.
SlickEdit® / Re: C/C++ Context Tagging / Symbol Coloring issues v22.0.1.0
« Last post by Taeguk on February 13, 2018, 06:31:44 pm »
Thanks Dennis!

I will take a look at the C/C++ color coding tokens.
Good to know.

Still, I generally want to avoid putting "auto" or whatever keyword that language has in my code, while it is easier to write, it is harder to read.

So having a feature where SE can replace the "auto"/whatever with the actual type would be really useful to me.
Type inference is planned for Java 10.  They are going with "var" instead of "auto" or ":=".

Few languages have a type inference as good as Slick-C's, in Slick-C, you can even use type inference to declare local variables that are passed by reference as output parameters.

Code: [Select]
save_pos(auto p);
tag_get_local_info(auto localInfo);
Yes, I was referring to "auto" as well. Sometimes I find "auto" not so readable, so I'd like to be able to start by writing "auto variable = function()", then press a key and have SE replace the "auto" with the actual type of the variable, so it is easier to read.

Java 8 doesn't have auto, but I'd still like to put in any type (even put "auto"), and then press a key and have it replaced with the real type.
I was referring to "auto" in C++11 for type inference, and := which is used in languages like Go and Slick-C for type inference (declaration and assignment operator, or as Go calls it, "short variable declaration").  I had thought that := was part of Java 8, but I must have been mistaken.

x := "a string value";   // x is a string
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